Good bye to:

RotoAnalysis, July 2012 — now.

With such a large gap between articles, I feel it’s fair to just keep this site as a record in the past tense.

Daily Breeze, Sept. 2012 — Nov. 2013

Freelance budget gone, work gone. Such is writing life.


Small feature for RedBull eSports

The convention hall was full of screams and people clapping. The scene was the 2011 ESTC DOTA Championships in Thailand and a booming voice peppered the air with commentary describing the events displayed on the center stage.

David “GoDz” Parker’s voice was shot – hoarse from screaming into a microphone all day. He looked around at the spectacle with his heart racing. Parker finally did it. He was casting a Dota tournament for the first time. Sure, his audience was an online stream with a modest 800 viewers and his setup was tucked away in the corner of the tournament floor, but Parker’s passion was unfolding before his eyes.

“I lost my voice after three hours, I was shouting at the top of my lungs. I was so excited,” Parker said. “Just meeting the players and teams. These people were people I worshipped in some ways. I found myself as a part of everything – the first moment I felt I had something to offer the community.”

Passion of David “GoDz” Parker


Working on three articles:

A Beyond the Summit piece (Dota 2 streaming group) with an emphasis on passion and the people involved in the group

Justin Wong and the beginnings of being a “pro fighting gamer.” Emphasis: the move from NYC to California and the struggles of his risk.

Character Loyalty with James Chen, Alex Valle, and Justin Wong.

RotoAnalysis and Rotowire

Fantasy sports also fit under my criteria as I write profiles and rankings for a site called RotoAnalysis. In the past, I’ve been involved with TheFantasyFix. Currently, it’s RotoAnalysis and For Rotowire, I do player updates and depth charts for the NBA, specifically for the San Antonio Spurs. A little more sports for readers, my work with the fantasy sports site RotoAnalysis:


Sports Out West

I’m currently involved in a small start-up site that covers sports with a west coast bias.

I am the main Los Angeles Clippers/NBA writer for the site and recently had some major exposure, including an interview with a Mr. Dwight Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers (as of right now). Some of the articles involving the Clippers are editorials or opinion pieces.

NBA Playoffs 2013: Clippers-Grizzlies is a rematch worth watching

NBA Draft 2013: Los Angeles Clippers’ first round options

Lakers’ Dwight Howard reflects on last season (interview)